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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to get your green card after your interview?

A. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will usually be able to tell you after your interview if you were approved or not. If you were, congratulations! While the USCIS doesn’t give an exact date to when you should expect your green card, it shouldn’t take more than 60 days.


Q. Why Choose JM Immigration Firm, PLLC?

A. U.S. immigration law is extremely complex and only a professional can assist you through the process.  At JM Immigration Firm PLLC, we are confident in our immigration services. We truly care about your case.

We are dedicated to serving individuals and businesses through the practice of immigration law. We handle immigration matters for clients throughout the United States and the world in an expeditious and personalized manner. Our mission is to provide each client individual attention and professional service at every step on the path toward achieving your immigration goals.


Q. Can you leave the country while in the process of obtaining a green card?

A. If your application is pending, we advise you not to travel while in the process of obtaining your green card because USCIS officers may believe you no longer plan on making the U.S. your permanent home. If you must do so, you can apply to travel with the USCIS but know that you will need to obtain an advance parole document.


Q. Can I work while waiting for a green card?

A. Anyone with a valid work visa can work even while waiting for a green card. If this is not your case, you cannot start working until you have a work permit.

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